Professional Service

The American Eagle Difference

Professional Service

We have provided professional customer service to businesses nationwide for more than twenty years.

Have you ever asked an employee at a office supply discount or a big box store the difference between two similar products? I have and was curtly told “I don’t know - read the box”

Have you ever called a vendor only to get passed off from one person to another, no answers just put on hold and pass the buck.

With American Eagle Computer Products you can expect your own agent, who will listen to your questions and needs.

  • Match the right products for your machines
  • Offer you money saving choices
  • Who's product knowledgeable
  • Someone who thinks long term - not quick score
  • Who's future is tied directly to your satisfaction

We’ll give you the best possible deal. Give us a chance to earn your long term business - we’ll both be glad you did.


Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

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