Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OEM?

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a company that builds a product that it sells under its own company name and brand. An OEM, such as HP or Epson, will manufacture the product and assign a unique part number to that product. We provide the OEM part number to assist you in finding a compatible cartridge.

What is a compatible cartridge?

There are two types of compatible cartridges: the first type is “compatible” with most Copiers, Fax Machines, Ink Jets, and Printer Ribbons and is brand new, the only difference—it is manufactured by a different company. The second type of compatible cartridge is made from recycled plastic and parts.

What is a remanufactured cartridge?

A remanufactured cartridge is a cartridge that has been recycled to OEM specifications. The process includes inspecting the old cartridge, replacing all worn parts, and print testing the cartridge for quality.

Do compatible or remanufactured cartridges last as long as OEM?

All of our compatible or remanufactured cartridges are manufactured according to OEM specification, and will print the same or greater page yield as their OEM counterpart.

Why should I choose an American Eagle product?

American Eagle offers a wide selection of compatible cartridges from “Apple to Xerox”. Our compatible toner cartridges are guaranteed to perform as well as the originals and will never void your warranty. In addition, some customized Patriot Brand products even outperform the originals by as much as 50%. All Patriot Brand toner cartridges come with a manufacturer’s 100% warranty. If you don’t mind paying less for comparable quality, make your next cartridges Patriot Brand cartridges.

Will a remanufactured cartridge void my machine’s warranty?

No! Your manufacturer cannot void your machine’s warranty for using cartridges other than theirs. However, it may void your contract if you have a binding agreement to use their supplies.

How does American Eagle ensure quality?

All Patriot cartridges are individually tested during manufacturing and must pass through a Triple Quality Control inspection before they get shipped to you. Our stringent quality standards include testing each component prior to manufacturing, during production, and even after our products are on the shelf. We even subject our products to extreme conditions such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and simulated shipping conditions to ensure the product performs perfectly in every situation, every time. The result is a high performance product that produces darker prints and sharper graphics.

Additionally, all Patriot Brand toner cartridges come with a manufacturer’s 100% warranty!

What sort of impact does the inkjet and toner industry have on the environment?

Each year, millions of cubic feet of non-biodegradable Laser & Inkjet cartridges are thrown into our nation’s landfills. In 25 years, the total amount of discarded cartridges could fill more than half the Grand Canyon. What many do not know, however, is that there are companies out there dedicated to recycling cartridges. If you wish to recycle your empty cartridges and would like more information, please click here.

Can I recycle my empty cartridge?

Yes! And we encourage it! There are several companies out there providing various forms of recycling services. The majority of them provide some sort of free shipping label that you may use to send in boxes of empty cartridges. One such company can be found at You can print free shipping labels directly from the site. Check them out and start recycling!


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